About Us

It all started with a computer.

Aaron Petry had been intrigued by technology from day 1 – video games, computers of all types, and anything technology related were his thing. He had to know how they worked, no matter what they were. So as soon as he spotted a Commodore 64 in the 1986 Christmas catalog he knew what he wanted his present to be that year and once he opened that gift is when Inteleye was unofficially created (although Aaron didn’t know it yet). He dove headfirst into technology and there was no turning back for him from there!

Throughout his formative years, Aaron spent his free time learning to code, reverse engineering computers and video game consoles, and honing in on his knowledge of all things computers and tech. In high school, Aaron started lending his knowledge to neighbors and friends – collecting his first clients under the business name “The Computer Guy”. Before he could even drive he would set up appointments with clients, and with his parents’ assistance driving him to his appointments, would fix and consult on computer issues as often as possible – building his clientele, growing his small business, and improving his skill set.

With a growing business, Aaron realized he needed a website to better sell his IT services (although, back in 1998, websites were not quite what they are today). So, industrious as he was, he sourced the tools necessary to build, design, and program his own website – from scratch. Once his website was built, he then realized he could also branch out to include website related services to his daily growing clientele base. In 1998, and as soon as he graduated from High School, Petry Design was born and Aaron had a thriving business on his hands.

A New Era

A lot has happened in the 20 years since Aaron started Petry Design. He’s grown his company to include:

  • IP Cameras and Installation services
  • Networking services of all types
  • Comprehensive IT Services and Consulting
  • Custom Software Programming
  • Cutting Edge Website Development and Design
  • SEO Services
  • Secure Website Hosting
  • Data Backup Services

As Aaron grew his company to include all of these services – his client list multiplied as well – growing to include over 700 business and residential clients. That’s why, in 2016, Aaron decided to branch off his IT Services, IP Camera & Networking Capabilities, Data Backup Services, and Technology Consulting Services to be their own thing.

And officially, Inteleye Surveillance was born.

Now a team of 14 – Petry Design and Inteleye have become, and continue to be, a leader in all things websites and tech and Aaron’s ever expanding knowledge of technology has only been improving.

With all that said, let us help you! Inteleye is all about working with you to find a solution to your technology concerns, wants, and needs.

We’re here to help provide you Quality Service and Security. From here into the future.